Case Studies

Mobile App for Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents

ViewFence leveraged to create an interactive app for homebuyers and real estate agents. The application allows users to rate homes they visit, take photographs of the property, and share media files and reviews with family members.

AI-Powered Self-Improvement App

Enkr8ia wanted to create a mobile app that would help users achieve their personal goals. Our client listed a clean UI, API-based chatbot integration, and offline support as the key requirements for the project.

Motivation App for iOS Devices

New Habit is a free iPhone app that gives you that little boost you need to stay motivated. It is based on the Ionic framework and was developed using the platform for both the front and back end.

Cloud-Based Asset Tracking App

GoCodes selected to create a cloud-based asset tracking app for Android devices. The application helps retail, logistics, and warehousing companies manage assets and inventory using the mobile devices they already own.

Proof-of-Concept Apps for a Telecom Company

A leading telecom company was looking for an app development platform to prototype cross-platform HTML5 applications. Using, our customer created numerous proof-of-concept (PoC) applications, including luggage tracking, driver monitoring, and industrial automation solutions.

Conference Booking App

To avoid double-booking conference rooms, Exadel built an event and conference management app using the platform and deployed it throughout its worldwide offices. The application is integrated with Google Calendar via SOAP services.

Multi-platform App for Financial Advisors

Idea Labz, an partner, created a mobile app for a financial services firm. The application, which runs on Android and iOS devices, allows financial advisors to access the data stored within corporate IT systems in the field and experiment with new sales tools.

Taxi Booking App for iOS and Android Devices

A transportation company turned to Idea Labz to create a taxi booking application based on The app helps users book a ride, locate the taxi on an online map, and rate drivers.

Customer Loyalty App for a Senior Citizens Club

Idea Labz helped the Dolmur Club develop a mobile app with social features for their customers. The app's core modules include online registration, an events and special offers section, and a photo gallery.

Cross-Platform Driving Instructor App

A Bangalore-based driving school turned to partner Idea Labz to create a mobile application for their students. The application allows users to enroll in driving courses, book appointments with driving instructors, and take theory tests.

B2B Mobile Platform for Pharma, Insurance, and Healthcare Companies

A retail pharmaceutical company created an end-to-end mobile app development platform based on The solution features customizable app templates that allow pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare companies to create branded apps integrated into one core system.

Mobile App for a Financial Services Firm

A US investment company chose to create a mobile app (iOS, Android) for financial advisors. The application helps retrieve data from the company's SharePoint system and educates investors in emerging markets.

Mobile CRM App for a Horticultural Company

Berger, a leading producer of growing media products, wanted to create a mobile version of their customer relationship management (CRM) system. With, the company had no trouble integrating the newly built application with the back-end infrastructure via REST APIs.

Mobile Application Development Platform for Businesses

Progress Software Corporation specializes in mobile applications for businesses. The company created a comprehensive, low-code, and low-maintenance mobile app development platform based on

Water Conservation App

A city in California wanted to combat drought with the help of a mobile application. Using, the client created an app that allows residents to monitor their water usage and report water waste.

Partnership with Susco: Enterprise Mobile App Development Platform

Susco, a company that builds process management software for corporations and government agencies, selected as the primary technology stack for their cross-platform mobile applications. Thanks to, Susco streamlined the process of developing, testing, and deploying mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Sales Apps for SMBs: Partnership with EZAPP

EZAPP is an Israeli company that builds sales apps for small businesses. The company was looking to speed up the application development process using a low-code, cloud-based platform. They seleсted for its powerful plug-ins, intuitive UI builder, and excellent customer support.

Clothing Measurement App

An independent developer leveraged to build a mobile app that helps people accumulate information on their clothing size across different brands to improve their shopping experience.

Conference App for Mental Health Professionals

The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) needed a low-code mobile app development platform to create a conference app within a tight timeframe. Built with, the CBHC application provided information about the conference speakers and schedule and featured digital handouts for attendees to reference.

Motorway Traffic Camera App

Andy Parker, an independent developer, leveraged to create the Motorway Cam Watch app. The application allows drivers to gain access to live video data recorded by CCTV cameras, which are installed along UK motorways.

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